Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Early March Gardening Bug Begins

The greenhouse has been back-ordered so I have been starting long growing things inside and for the cooler season veggies (leeks, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts etc...), in the garage under my new lighting system I built. I also started 96 Bachelor Button flowers too which should be beautiful in a few months.

I have been putting a few things in the garden beds too. I put in some carrots, peas, radishes, and a couple kinds of beets. I figure a lot of those will be ready and harvested by the time gardening really kicks into gear.

Once again I am so so excited about this year with the addition of the greenhouse and the Titan sunflowers around the property. As soon as the greenhouse arrives, I'll assemble it and update with pictures.

For now, here is the gloomy look of early March:

Monday, January 16, 2012

Welcome to 2012

New year...etc...

....The first thing I thought I would mention is the fact I am using all non-GMO (genetically modified organisms). My veggies this year will be 100% natural, open pollinated plants from old heirloom varieties. I have a wonderful company I am buying from that only has heirloom non-GMO seeds. I want to get one thing straight though, I am not doing this to save the planet. To be quite honest, I am a selfish individual. I recycle because it keeps space out of my can I would have to pay for, I have a rain collection system to save money on the water bill, I compost to save money on buying compost in the stores, and I am raising only non-GMO plants because of flavor. Whatever the reason, I have some amazing plant types that on average, originated since the early 1800's. Most of my varieties are from 1820's Italy.

In order to help germinate these seeds, I have built a shelving system that can support linkable F22T5 florescent lights. I also purchased a mini greenhouse lean-to with plenty of space on the South side of the house for maximum sunlight. This should double as a cold frame as well as a place for my Ghost Pepper plants.

These veggies are open pollination and to keep up with the demand, I am going to be hosting some mason bees. This should provide the pollination I need to support my uppity-uppity veggies this year.

Aside from that...I'll be switching grade levels to teach and baby Jack is now 10 weeks away.

New updates though won't be happening for a few weeks. I just thought I would post an initial entry for 2012.