Saturday, June 25, 2011

Big End of June Update

Everything is up and looking good for the most part. The white bib swiss chard looked like it had some funky disease on it so I pulled them all out and replaced that section of the bed with hot peppers. I haven't had much luck with peppers before but I am going to give them a shot this year. I have a total of 15 now including the pots on the South side of the house. That stuff is really getting warm. It's a bit of a pain to water those more often but you can see the difference between the ones on the bed and in pots on the South side.

The peas have come and gone. They were great in stir fry and just munching on but those have been pulled and zucchini plants have been put in the old pea spot.

Because I am tired of trying to tell people in this area its not too early to plant your warm veggie plants, here is some proof. My tomatoes are starting to produce fruit and the cucumbers are about 5" now. It's not too early in the slightest.

All the Volumtious roses we replaced in the front are blooming. They are our favorite tea hybrid.

Anyway pictures of all are below:


  1. The garden looks great! I see your corn is doing well, but I can't tell what's in the planter closer to the house in the front... they tall vertical leaves. It's a bulb of some kind right? :)
    The whole place looks so much better than when you moved in! The roses were a good choice!

  2. That isn't corn but elephant garlic! When you pull it up it actually is the same size as a softball.

  3. Looking pretty sweet, dude. That oughta show the "too early" crowd.