Tuesday, March 22, 2011

End of March


The deer netting has kept the raccoons at bay which is always the good times. The peas, carrots, onions, Swiss chard, and garlic are safe (for now). I planted the finger carrots in the raised beds and have mowed the lawn for the first time. The onions have sprouted and are above the soil. I moved the mini greenhouse outside in anticipation for the cabbage and Brussels sprout starts.


The starts moved from 3” to 5” pots. I also added another light and cranked up the heat just a bit to keep the tomato starts from turning purple. Inside the real house I started the cucumber seeds which will eventually in a few weeks be moved out to the grow house.

I moved the cabbage family starts out to the outside greenhouse. The tomatoes will remain inside for another month or so. Everything is going pretty well but the big test will be to get these great looking starts acclimatized to the outside.


  1. If I were into salads, I'd be inviting myself up this summer.

  2. You would be all over it if I were growing a Jack in The Box garden.

  3. I'm pretty sure you can "grow" one of those in your freezer. At least, I'm pretty sure Jack In the Box does.