Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Mid March Update


Starts are now all in 3" or 5" pots and the first phase of hardening has begun. I added a fan in the shack to move the plants back and forth to promote root growth. The temperature has also been reduced down to 50 degrees so root growth can continue and to get them ready to be outside. Video below:


Horseradish, hops, peas, onions bulbs, and Swiss chard planted. The damned raccoons love the Swiss chard/ beet seeds and dig it up every year. I wasn't fast enough this year and they came in within 12 hours for the Swiss chard seeds so I had to replant and then cover with black deer netting. This always seems to work well.

Nyla also has been helping me outside by chewing all the sticks I use to mark the rows.

Also to note, rhubarb is now up.

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