Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Cold Snap

It is currently February and snowing. I started 192 seedlings out in the newly created "grow house" this year. For $16, I picked up a shoplight that will give me the proper lighting coupled with a choice oil heater to get the seeds growing early. This has been a way to rid some of the spring growing fever which I find myself afflicted with every year.

With the cold snap, I found my other tenancy (being cheap) to overrule the idea of heating the grow shop to the adequate temperature. I moved nearly 200 starts indoors to the guest bedroom under some intense lighting. I'm sure this makes for a great nighttime show with the lighting penetrating the blinds and giving the appearance that my housing is solely used for a grow op. I'm sure the neighbors think I am growing illegal substances. I would love for the police to raid me and find several Brussels sprouts growing under the lights.

Attached are some pictures of the setup before the cold snap and the current move situation:

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  1. I hope the cops don't mess up your sweet sprouts operation.