Saturday, February 26, 2011

More Stuff I Don't Need Or Have Room For

Many moons ago, I used to have a killer horse radish plant growing on the ubber shady area of my apartment deck. I made some pretty killer horseradish sauce out of it and the plant was beautiful. Today I found some horse radish roots and bought them even though I don't have the room to commit to it yet.

The wife also convinced me to buy a couple Clematis plants to start at the top of some lattice we have (hiding my home made rain barrels) that was supposed to be filled in by Don Juan climbing roses last year. I am a pretty cheap individual but after getting home and hanging the coconut basket in place on top of the lattice frame I built last year, I was convinced this was a good idea. The top wil be cascading with Clematises and the bottom will continue to be filled in with Don Juan climbing roses.

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