Sunday, April 10, 2011


Jen, Nyla and I went for a brisk walk with the wind howling. When I came back, I walked outside to see that the mini greenhouse had fallen over and crushed most of the plants inside. I spent some time scooping up the plants, pinching off broken leaves, and rushing them into the grow house all in the dark.

I saved (I hope) about four of the tomatoes out of the eleven that were in there. The torch lilies were a total loss. Good thing I have a lot more tomatoes in the grow house that I didn't put out. Here are a couple pictures of the scene I saw when I got out in the wind storm:


  1. Very sad. I will pour some V8 juice onto the sidewalk in honor of my dead homies.

  2. Thanks, Pat. The drama is never ending with C-Diddy's plants.