Saturday, April 9, 2011

Hardening Off and November 2010 Cold Snap Devistation

I've been giving a lot of my starts away so the grow house is getting thinner and thinner but I am still keeping some tomatoes out there in case the ones in the mini greenhouse do not take too kindly to the hardening off process. I plan on giving the remainder of the tomato starts away at Easter so I started hardening them off this week. The cauliflower and brussel sprouts did well when they got outside and in the garden. The rest I'll give away.

I also tested out my 110 gallon rain barrel system to see how well I built it and it worked fine. I was a bit concerned because I made it and never know how those things go all the time.

The cold snap we got in November is showing its devastating results now. Our Spanish Lavender was dead so I replaced it with eight new plants.

Out of 17 nice Jackson Perkins roses, maybe five survived this cold snap. We started looking at various nurseries for the Voluptuous hybrid tea to replace roses in the front of the house. We found a place in Lynden today with the amount we need.


  1. 110 gallons! Our beer production line is currently limited to just under six gallons every two weeks. We might need to pick up a couple of those puppies...

    Also, if I mail you a self-addressed stamped envelope, will you send me some homegrown tea leaves?

  2. The hybrid tea are a type of rose not the kind to drink although you might be able to do something with the pedals.

  3. Ah, sad... :(

    Also maybe usable for some sort of 110 gallon beer infusion?