Saturday, August 27, 2011

Nyla Vs. Raccoon

I have slowly been pulling some of my veggie plants for the year and started to put some things away for the season. I am still getting lots of cucumbers, peppers, leeks, tomatoes, Brussels sprouts, and rhubarb.

My last plantings which were a few rows of lettuce and carrots are taking off in the last growth of the summer especially now that some of the Brussels spout plants have been removed.

The last cannings of the year look like they will be salsa and homemade ketchup from my tomatoes, and apple sauce from the apple tree. My mom offered to help pick the apples in the upcoming weeks. I'll be sure to post pictures of the canning in future posts.

I picked the hops and froze them to give to Mr. Campbell. I didn't get much but they sure looked good on the trellis.

Nyla was a bit off this week. She kept getting scared to use the restroom (errr, read backyard) late at night. Jen figured out what it was and took some pictures of some racoons in the cherry tree eating the leftover cherries as well as eating some fermented ones on the ground. I bought Nyla a stuffed raccoon to train her to overcome her fear of the raccoons. I think the raccoons might just eat Nyla one of these nights.

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  1. That dog looks like it wants to be friends with that raccoon, not kill it. I, on the other hand...