Sunday, August 21, 2011

Visit with Mom, Burlap Bags & Video Tour

I had a really nice visit with my mom the other day. She taught me how to can, raise a garden, and cook. In addition to the nice visit, we also pulled up some red potatoes and admired her huge sunflowers. These things have to be about eight feet plus and their main trunk is like a baseball bat. I didn't have my camera with me so I took a picture from my cheap cell phone:

I really want to have a few of these monsters growing next year on the South facing side of the house.

Also she mentioned she picked up some burlap bags to cover her roses for the winter at the co-op so we took a trip down and picked up some huge burlap bags to keep the winter from making a joke out of my brand new JP Voluptuous roses that I bought and planted this year. I was never so happy to see a pile of burlap bags in my life. I was looking for a while but never found a place that just sold the bags at a decent price.

I've really got to get started getting my shed ready to become a grow house again before winter starts to hit. Right now, it is filled with random junk as we turned the office into another purposed room. I have to get the main table up again and leave enough room for the lighting fixtures, heaters, fans, water jugs etc...

Anyway here is a video tour of what I have left going on in the back yard:

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